360VR experiences

We offer an original marketing solution for top brands, agencies and businesses.
We create interactive and immersive 360VR experiences that leverage the User Generated Content (UGC) and engagement in Social Media.

Our Marketing Intelligence Platform automates and digitizes the entire content generation process through high-tech devices.

With representatives in Dubai, Barcelona, Madrid, Valladolid, Athens, Santa Catarina, Lima and Santiago, working with important brands such as Dubai Airport, Puma, Porsche, Lincoln, Jaguar, L'Oréal, Microsoft, Jumeirah Group, W Hotel, Heineken, Volkswagen, American Express, North Face, Novartis, Ikea, IATA, among several others.

Be part of the 360VR movement!

360VR Devices

Worldwide first

The 360VR devices are the Worldwide first; smart marketing devices to deliver a 360VR social photo experience for end-users and a high ROI for brands and venues.

Breeze to set up

Easy to carry, set-up and disassemble. Lightweight and battery powered, it's easy to be placed wherever the action is: inside the premises or even outdoors.


Three easy steps

We developed the easiest way for guests to take a 360VR photo and share that experience in Social Media: Connect, smile and share.



Three type of photos; Online 360VR Gallery; Email Delivery; Social Sharing; Data Base, Analytics and more!

How it works


User connects to the device through the available tablets on the event or through his own Smartphone (standalone)



User, along with their friends, stand on the positioning ring-mat to shoot the photo

Strike a pose… 3,2,1 cheese!


User receives in their e-mail, in less than 1 minute, the three types of photos (with branding) and the key messages of the Brand...

Ready to be shared in Social Media!


Whether it’s a brand, hotel, shopping mall, retail, airport, marketing campaign, product launch or a private event, our 360VR devices will engage with your guests and will create an unforgettable experience.

  • Event Rental

    Looking for something WOW for your events? Give your guests a unique 360VR experience and make your next event look awesome!

    Our experienced on-site team member will give you a complete support and help your guests capture great 360VR photos. The Event Rental services are currently available in UAE, Spain, Greece, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

    No more traditional photo-booths… be part of the 360VR movement!

  • Become a Partner

    Interested in opening a new market in your city or country? or to build a new revenue channel for your business? We invite you to be part of Mytriphoto

    You can establish yourself as a leader in VR (Virtual Reality) entertainment, offering your clients a unique experience with interactive 360VR devices. We give you a complete support to make your investment profitable.

    Join us and be part of the 360VR family!

What our Partners are saying

  • Felipe Scherson, Mytriphoto Middle East Representative

    “Working for over 2 years with Mytriphoto has been an absolute pleasure. The product offers high end technology that allows us to provide our clients in UAE and Middle East with a unique added value for their events and activations. The support we've received from HQ is 100% reliable”

  • Miguel Aravena, Mytriphoto Chile Representative

    "I have been a VR developer for over 7 years and it has always been an issue how to spread this technology and make it more accessible. Mytriphoto did it, not only developing a device that facilitates the generation of 360º content, but also providing the support and platform for this to be shared. The team behind is always in search of excellence and the Wow effect on the user experience, which has allowed me to offer a unique service”

  • Facundo Urroz, Mytriphoto Spain Representative

    “Not only working side by side with Mytriphoto has given us a new perspective in our professional lives, but has also provided satisfaction of having the work correctly done. We have felt the constant support of the HQ, as well as a good vibe and energy in all levels. It has been so awesome that we even suggested our relationships in other countries to contact them”


In User Generated content (UGC) we trust!

Every brand wants their guests to use their hashtag or branding in their own pictures or social media posts. We make it easy, fast and automated!

Trust on-line content from friends and family above all other forms of brands messaging

Find UGC more memorable than brand produced content

Of millennials said UGC has influenced their purchase decision

Would prefer ‘regular people’ to tell a brand’s story rather than a celebrity ambassador (19%)

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